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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the concept of Smart Kitchen?

Smart kitchen refers to installation of pre-fabricated modules or furniture and making effective as well as the best use of available space in the kitchen. Both base and wall cabinets have sections for drawers, stand and racks inside. These cabinets comprise ample space for storing appliances, utensils and foodstuff required in the kitchen. The chimneys, hobs, sinks, microwave oven, cabinetry, cook-top, refrigerator, counter-top and other accessories in a built-in form is referred to as Smart kitchen. The objective of Smart kitchen is to increase the convenience and comfort of home owners through aesthetic and functional kitchen.

Why Smart kitchen? Why would you even need a Smart kitchen?

Smart kitchen because-
1) Smart kitchen gives a fresh and beautiful look and as it is built in perfectly optimized area.
2) Installation and repairs can easily be done as each part of the kitchen module is separate which gives a perfect look.
3) You can carry your cabinets, shutters and accessories and fit the same in your new residence.
4) Cleaning of Smart kitchen is very easy and it takes very less time as all the drawers comes out easily and can be access properly but in a civil kitchen it becomes tough to reach each corner of the kitchen.
5) Smart kitchen gives the advantage of making extra space according to your need even in the scarcity of space.

How the branded Kitchen differs from the Carpentry Kitchen?

Branded Kitchen and Carpentry Kitchen have their own set of benefits. The basic difference that lies between both the types of kitchen is with respect to the time taken in its set up. A Smart kitchen requires a minimum set up time of two days, irrespective of it being a niche requirement. Since a carpenter kitchen is a manual process, it may take a month's time. The finishing of the work will also vary as Smart kitchen is factory made product.

What are the Benefits of installing a Smart kitchen?

Smart kitchen are easy to design, develop and install. Depending on the choice of home owners, Smart kitchen can be composed of various materials. Available in a range of shapes, sizes and finishes, home owners even get to choose the layout and the decor of the kitchen. They get complete freedom to make the most of available space and get it designed as per their wishes. People prefer Smart kitchen because it is easy to clean, maintain and repair. While shifting, Smart kitchen can be disintegrated, packed and re-installed. Smart kitchens are quite flexible and last for years unlike carpentry kitchens.

How to Maintain a Smart Kitchen?

Smart kitchen is such designed that the home owners are not required to invest much effort in maintaining them. Regular cleaning and wiping helps to reduce major maintenance work. As every module is exclusive, even repairs become easy and simple. In case of damage, the module can be removed, repaired and re-installed, without any hassle. The objective of Smart kitchen is to make the life of home owners simpler. Hence, while designing, different aspects are considered to help reduce the maintenance work.

What is the process involved in Buying a Smart kitchen?

First of all, give us a call for the measurement of your kitchen and after measurement we provide the 3D design of your kitchen. After that as per your need we customize the kitchen according to your budget.

What is the time frame required to install Smart kitchen from Culinary Concept?

From the date of your booking we take only 60days to deliver the kitchen.

What kinds of Materials available for the Cabinets and the Countertops?

Cabinets are generally made of BWR ply and MR+ tough gloss laminates. For countertops we provide granite, Korean and composite.

What about the Kitchen Hobs, Hoods and other Appliances?

We have exclusive tie-up with the whirlpool India ltd and authorized trade partner of whirlpool built-in. however, if you want to buy the appliances separately we do not have any problem.

Can the look of the Kitchen be changed whenever wanted?

It is possible but it will involve some extra cost.

What is the Warranty Period?

We offer lifetime functional warranty on cabinets and accessories.

Where do we get the service for the Kitchen?

Service will be provided within 48 hrs once the customer contact our company.

Should I Install my Granite top first for making my Smart kitchen?

No, you must complete your cabinets and then go for granite top.

My Promoter has already installed the Granite. Can I still go for Smart kitchen?

It is always advisable to break down the granite and supporting black stones for the optimum utilization of space and compatible design with the space. However, if you are determined not to break down the granite top then too can go for Smart kitchen with our designer’s help in getting the right kitchen.

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